Important Articles

Important Articles

Online and Digital Education: Enhancing Access to Higher Education in the 21st Century

Apr 10, 2017 Published in the Evolllution The barriers to extending access to higher education are lower than ever with the vast and rapid evolution of online education opportunities, but it’s up to institutions to adopt these offerings and create new pathways to postsecondary credentials. Read More

Supply of U.S. high school graduates is stagnating, posing challenge for colleges

Dec 12, 2016 Published in the The Washington Post The nation’s total output of high school graduates peaked in 2013 at nearly 3.5 million and is projected to stagnate for most of the next decade, but the Hispanic share is expected to boom, according to a new report. Read More

Here Comes the Discounting Death Spiral

Dec 12, 2016 Published in Inside Higher Ed A proposition: The vast majority of non-elite public higher education institutions are at peak revenue, meaning, relative to inflation, they will never again have more total revenue from which to work than they do at this very moment. Read More

The Rise of the Online Degree at America’s Top Universities

Sep 09, 2016 Published in the Priceonomics Like meeting your spouse on the Internet, earning a degree online went from unthinkable to mainstream in a few short decades. Read More

Where Does the Regional State University Go From Here?

Jun 09, 2016 Published in the Chronicle of Higher Education Reeling from financial crises, the workhorse of public education is being reshaped on the fly. Read More

Online degrees save money and boost careers

May 20, 2016 With the cost of attending a four-year public university crossing $34,000 a year for out-of-state students, more people are turning to online education as a cheaper and more flexible alternative to brick-and-mortar schools. Read More

Colleges Lock Horns Over Nursing Programs

Mar 10, 2016 Published in the Wall Street Journal When California state Sen. Marty Block was working on a bill to allow community colleges to offer some bachelor’s degrees, a B.S. in nursing seemed like a sure bet. Read More

Deficit Threatens Stability of University of California, Berkeley, Official Says

Feb 17, 2016 Published in the New York Times The chancellor of the University of California, Berkeley, said Wednesday that the university had a “substantial and growing” deficit that could threaten its long-term stability and that it needed to reduce expenses and raise revenues to maintain its position as a premier public institution. Read More

How the Internet will disrupt higher education’s most valuable asset: Prestige

Feb 12, 2016 Published in The Washington Post It happened to newspapers. It happened to magazines. It happened to books. Now it’s happening to higher education: another industry thrown into turmoil and shock because its business model has been overturned by the Internet. Read More

The end of college rankings as we know them

Feb 06, 2016 Published in The Washington Post It’s been nearly 25 years since U.S. News & World Report introduced the annual version of its college rankings. That’s also when the rankings shifted from what had largely been a beauty contest based solely on a survey of college presidents to one that aimed to replicate the quantitative nature of Consumer Reports. Read More

Is It Too Late for Online?

Jan 07, 2016 Published in the Chronicle of Higher Education Universities found that a highly ranked brand did not necessarily translate into online success, nor did it protect them from the impact online competitors would have on their enrollment pattern. Read More

‘Historic’ tuition cut sets state apart from rest of U.S.

Dec 02, 2015 Published in The Seattle Times With a 5 to 20 percent rollback in tuition prices, Washington has become the only state in the country to cut tuition for its colleges and universities this year. Read More

Moody’s: Colleges have entered the new normal of flat tuition revenue

Nov 19, 2015 Published in The Washington Post It’s going to be another year of lackluster tuition revenue growth for universities, as the pipeline of students heading to college slows and families remain sensitive to prices, Moody’s Investors Service said in a report Thursday. Read More

Insights from the new college “scorecard” Published in The Economist

Nov 11, 2015 Published in The Economist New federal data can help prospective students and families identify which colleges do the most for a student’s eventual pay-packet. The best results do not come from the institutions you might expect. Read More

Study examines online, on-campus price models

Nov 02, 2015 Published in Education Dive A professor of management information systems at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth has collected information from a diverse sample of 103 colleges and universities about how they price online versus on-campus courses. Read More

Online Service Providers Can Deliver Efficient Growth

Oct 29, 2015 Published in Inside Higher Ed A recent article highlights a key enabler for universities seeking self-sufficiency: online program management providers such as Academic Partnerships. AP provides broad services that help universities go online and succeed. Read More

Declining enrollment at University of Phoenix suggest much leaner Apollo ahead

Oct 23, 2015 Published in The Arizona Republic For-profit universities dominated the early days of online education but have fallen into decline amidst government investigations and consumer complaints. As a prime example, enrollment at University of Phoenix subsidiary is down 70 percent from its 2010 peak, and revenue has fallen almost 50 percent. The subsidiary of Apollo Education Group is not alone. Read More

For Enrollment Growth, Marketing Beats Discounting

Oct 20, 2015 Published in Chronicle of Higher Education Deep tuition discounting can jeopardize an institution’s long-term financial health. The surest path to success is growing enrollments by investing in smart marketing. (AP Advertorial) Read More

The Rise of the Public University

Oct 20, 2015 Published in Chronicle of Higher Education Higher education’s economic model is pressured by an oversupply of more than 4,000 post-secondary institutions, high delivery costs, tuition discounting and declining public subsidies. Public universities must continue to evolve, and more rapidly than before. (AP Advertorial) Read More

The Path to Self-Sufficiency

Oct 20, 2015 Published in Chronicle of Higher Education The future will see just two types of universities: Those with growing enrollments, and those with declining enrollments. Achieving self-sufficiency requires new revenue sources that are reliable and predictable. (AP Advertorial) Read More

Higher Education in the 21st Century

Sep 29, 2015 Published in The Economist The world of higher education is changing quickly and dramatically. An Economist Intelligence Unit research program explores the changes shaping the higher-education market and identifies the steps that institutions are taking to flourish and remain relevant in the 21st Century. Among the key findings: Institutions are courting new student populations. Creative financing is needed to balance shrinking budgets, and online learning is the new frontier. Learn from the Economist’s team of researchers by downloading the full report. Read More

Have MOOCs Helped or Hurt?

Sep 28, 2015 Published in Inside Higher Ed Higher education needs to be affordable, but it cannot be free. As MIT’s Michael Cusumano has observed, the software, music, video, book publishing, newspaper, and magazine industries are “still struggling to recover from the impact of free,” and many companies within those industries never did. In fact, two-thirds of the public software product companies operating in 1998 had shuttered by 2006. While a variety of factors may have contributed to their demise, the proliferation of free products was chief among them, points out Cusumano, a fact that should be kept in mind as we evaluate the impact of MOOCs on higher education. Read More