AP's Academic Services team directly supports faculty or distance learning teams in the conversion of on-campus courses and programs into an online delivery format, which facilitates student success. Intellectual property created in this process always remains with the faculty and the university. AP’s collaboration with faculty is founded on three pillars:

  • Direct experience with thousands of online courses across multiple disciplines
  • Adherence to best-in-class instructional design methodology and evidence-based approaches anchored in learning science
  • Commitment to monitoring evolving educational technology and trends to help faculty select innovative tools that improve efficiency, efficacy and the student experience

AP also supports instructors through ongoing professional development and provides research grant opportunities.

Academic Services Tools

AP supports faculty from the beginning to the end of the course-conversion process using the following proprietary tools:

  • Course Carousel, which helps arrange courses in a cohesive sequence within a degree program and accounts for any program prerequisites and co-requisites. It also optimizes faculty resources and helps programs scale while ensuring academic rigor and quality.


  • Course Map, which serves as a “road map” for faculty members, guiding them through the course-acceleration process, appropriate content allocation and alignment with course and program learning objectives.


  • Course Prototype, a user-friendly and intuitive course shell that functions with any Learning Management System to facilitate and organize online course content. It guides instructors through the course-building process while supporting best practices and quality standards.


  • Faculty eCommons, a repository of online teaching and learning resources for faculty members. It hosts useful articles, webinars, “how to” videos, new learning technologies, product overviews and demonstrations, faculty research grants and professional development opportunities.


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