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About Academic Partnerships

We focus on a vital mission: helping universities succeed in launching, growing and sustaining quality degree programs online so students can advance their lives and careers.

How We are Different

Unparalleled Support, Extraordinary Growth. The AP HigherEdge.

We take an integrated, comprehensive approach to supporting universities—primarily public institutions—in all aspects of online program management. Our proven model delivers sustainable growth for universities and facilitates student success through upfront capital investment, expertise in scalable online program design, unrivaled omni-channel marketing, and student enrollment and retention services.


Unmatched track record of enrollment and revenue growth


A commitment to public higher education and program affordability


Largest field sales organization focused on employer-based student recruitment


High-touch commitment to personalized student support

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A Note from Our Founder

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The Transformative Power of Technology-Enabled Higher Education

Academic Partnerships emerged from a deep belief in the transformative power of higher education to change the lives of countless global citizens. While the value of education has been recognized since Ancient Greece, the ability to provide universal access to top-quality higher education is new. Read more [+]

Technology is a game changer for post-secondary and a great enabler. Its extraordinary ability to disseminate knowledge unbound by geography and time has captured the imaginations of people around the world. AP is excited to participate in this movement, which is transforming higher education by expanding access and helping millions achieve their aspirations.

Thousands of high-quality degree programs have become universally accessible through online learning. The resulting increase in educational attainment among global citizens is a precursor to better standards of living and a more rapid and sustainable economic development of nations.

It is a true privilege to participate in this transformative process. AP is committed to maximizing the latest online learning technologies for the benefit of its partner universities and the millions of students these institutions can serve.

Randy Best

Founder and Chairman, Academic Partnerships

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Fast Facts

Academic Partnerships raises the bar as a leader in online education services and solutions.


Portfolio Diversity

We represent university programs at the undergraduate, graduate and certificate levels, spanning business, education, healthcare, engineering, criminal justice and the humanities.


Leadership in Healthcare

We partner with four of the top 10 public RN to BSN programs in the U.S.—more than any other service provider.


Growing MBAs

Enrollment for AP-supported MBA programs continues to outperform market trends for this degree category.


Mastering Education

Our recruitment efforts helped establish the 1st, 2nd, and 9th largest graduate schools of education in terms of conferrals among public universities.


Field Sales Outreach

Our field sales organization, the largest of any online program management provider, continues to expand beyond its employer-based network of over 3,000 organizations.


Enrollment Growth Leader

We have grown multiple partner programs from low double-digit enrollments to 1,000+ students and transformed them from local into nationally recognized brands.


Strategic Partnerships

We provide value-added products and services free of charge, including Zoom, a cloud-based video conferencing service; AspirEDU, a cloud-based at-risk student retention technology; and Canvas, a cloud-based LMS.


Proprietary Technology and Innovation

We continue to develop proprietary technologies to better serve our partner institutions and their students.

Our History: Groundbreaking from the Start

For more than a decade, we have helped universities expand their influence through the online delivery of instruction. Today, we serve more than 60 universities in the United States and in countries around the world. We have assisted more than 5,200 faculty members in the transition of nearly 5,400 courses into an online format, spanning 650 undergraduate and graduate degree programs, and we have had the privilege of supporting more than 270,000 students along their higher education journey.

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    2007: First U.S.-based online degree program launched

    We launched our first U.S. based program, an M.Ed., under the name of Higher Education Holdings. This program was the first of several, leading to this partner's #1 ranking among public universities for conferrals of this degree.

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    2008: Fastest-growing nursing program launched

    Partnering with a public university, we launched what has become one of the fastest-growing nursing programs in the U.S., growing from 137 on-campus students at inception to more than 19,000 students in 2017.

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    2011: Public university partnership growth surged

    We sponsored The Future of State Universities Conference, bringing together university thought leaders and policy makers from around the world to discuss new models to drive success for public universities.

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    2012: Faculty grant program launched

    The AP Faculty Research Grant Program was launched. To date, we have awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars to faculty at partner universities.

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    2016: A proprietary data-driven approach to marketing developed by AP

    We developed the AP MarketingEdge, a comprehensive, data-driven approach to marketing that is integrated across digital, traditional and field sales channels and is customizable to prospective online student audiences.

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    2017: 190,000 students recruited and growing

    Since 2007, we have recruited more than 190,000 students for our partner universities--several of which have become national leaders in online learning.