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White Paper - The Learner Revolution

Academic Partnerships' White Paper Series

The Learner Revolution and What It Means for Higher Education

This white paper, by Jeffrey J. Selingo, builds on an historical perspective of online education with crucial insights into the motivations and behaviors of today's digitally driven learner - an emerging demographic in higher education. This guide is essential for universities who want to grow online enrollments.

Key Findings:

  • The Learner Revolution: both traditional and nontraditional students want to have more control over how, when, and where they learn.
  • Traditional universities can and will continue to play a critical role in this new era as long as they are willing to adapt and provide distinct pathways that give students of all ages choices in their education.
  • To succeed in the Learner Revolution, colleges need to harness data on student learning, segment their learners based on needs, and create more deliberate, innovative cultures.

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