Amanda Smith, Ph.D.

Chief Academic and Product Officer

Amanda leads the Academic Services and Product team that enables the delivery of partner universities’ high-quality online degree programs. With more than two decades of experience in education, Amanda is passionate about promoting higher education that empowers student success.

Before joining, Amanda served as Vice Provost of a private, post-secondary online institution and previously as VP of Curriculum &amp Development at Curriculum Technology. She also worked as a K-12 teacher and curriculum coach for the first 11 years of her career.

Amanda’s professional path was inspired by her grandparents, educators who started a private school in 1974, and she delights in working alongside instructional leaders of the regionally accredited, community-serving institutions that share our mission.

Amanda holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies and Teacher Education from California State University Fresno, an M.S. in Cross-Cultural Studies in Education from National University, and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Denver. In her spare time, Amanda is a competitive equestrian. She’s Aunty Mandy to two beautiful nieces when not chasing dogs and riding horses.

What traits do you admire in a leader?

Vision, confidence, and the ability to take action; kindness, advocacy, and the ability to demonstrate vulnerability.

What are your core values?

In every aspect of our lives, I believe three things really matter:

  1. Community, and the way we work to take care of others
  2. Recognizing one’s gifts, and the way we aim to give those gifts to the world
  3. Having experiences; and the way we embrace our courage to create space for what’s possible

These core values and principles have guided me throughout my personal and professional life. When all three are present, I have found that opportunity, advocacy, and impact always are as well.