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At Academic Partnerships, our business is assisting universities in bringing to life education that is top-quality, affordable and workforce relevant—by facilitating the growth of highly competitive, accelerated, fully online programs.

Our AP HigherEdge® model of integrated university, marketing and student support services maximizes our partners’ online growth goals with a commitment to student success.

University Services

We prepare universities for success

Academic Partnerships’ dedicated teams guide each university partner’s growth path from the start, assisting in the adaptation of existing systems, processes and technologies and serving as mentors in teaching and learning best practices to support online instruction. Our faculty support approach equips faculty and staff with the information, tools and resources to design and deliver successful online programs with a commitment to student success.

AP Image with Content FPO

Mitigating risk with a proven model

We join forces with higher education partners using a time-tested, fully integrated services model managed by Academic Partnerships’ Partner Support team. This approach gives universities practical strategies and a reliable process for implementing fully online programs. Our pre-launch AP HigherEdge® University Services feature:

Academic Partnerships HigherEdge market insights

Market insights to inform program development

Academic Partnerships HigherEdge vertical experts

In-house experts in business, education and healthcare

Academic Partnerships HigherEdge project management

Project management for optimizing operations

Academic Partnerships HigherEdge training

Faculty training systemized for online instruction

Academic Partnerships HigherEdge course carousels

Course carousels to support accelerated programs

Academic Partnerships HigherEdge point of contact

Transparent communication from a single point of contact

Academic Partnerships’ commitment is to preserve and enhance the brand integrity of universities while expanding their market share through online programs that serve as both enrollment streams and contingency plans. Our record of scaling growth and revenue for our partners is unmatched. See our results

The Edge Factor:
Unparalleled support for faculty

Faculty support is critical as teaching quality makes or breaks the student experience. This is why our Academic Services and Products team gives broad-based support to faculty through asynchronous program planning, mentored instructional design, and training in best practices in technology-enriched pedagogy. Add a faculty grant program, free tools such as Zoom conferencing and opportunities to connect via our digital e-commons, and faculty are fully prepared to discover the rewards of online instruction.

Academic Partnerships helped grow our online enrollment exponentially, from 170 students in spring 2018 to nearly 3,000 this spring.

Ashish Vaidya, Ph.D.
President of Northern Kentucky University
From Inside Higher Ed, “The Essentiality of Public-Private Partnerships” (July 9, 2020)

Integrated Marketing Services

We promote brand and program offerings

Academic Partnerships serves as a virtual digital and creative agency, creating direct response marketing assets that focus on recruiting and retaining students for online programs that fit their goals. We execute data-driven marketing plans for digital, traditional and field sales channels, continually refining their performance to meet and exceed partner expectations.

Academic Partnerships employees

Maximizing marketing to millions of potential students

Academic Partnerships’ dedicated digital and creative marketing teams surmount a competitive digital environment by devising strategies that fill each partner’s prospective funnel with highly qualified students who enroll and go on to complete their online degrees. We apply depth of experience enriched with digitally integrated insights to sharpen our understanding of education trends and attract audiences who are college-ready. Our performance marketing practices include:

Academic Partnerships HigherEdge analytics

Data-driven analytics and A/B testing

Academic Partnerships HigherEdge paid marketing

Performance-based digital and integrated media

Academic Partnerships HigherEdge SEO organic content

Brand-lifting SEO/organic content creation

Academic Partnerships HigherEdge digital assets

User-centric optimized digital assets

Academic Partnerships HigherEdge field sales

Industry-leading field sales marketing support

Academic Partnerships reporting

Ongoing performance analysis and optimization

The Edge Factor:
Data-smart marketing strategies that are first-in-class

Data and its science not only drives our integrated online education marketing, it fuels our focus on enrollment performance and student success. But not just any data. Our experienced team deploys advanced digital analytics tools with some, sifting, measuring, aggregating and A/B testing, blending in fresh innovations of our own. All tailored to match the right student to the right program, every time.

Student Support Services

We produce successful students and graduates

We serve dreamers and doers—adult learners who need to access meaningful education and attain relevant and resilient skill sets by earning their degrees online. Our student support teams travel that path alongside them, offering motivation and inspiration every step of the way.

Academic Partnerships call center

Fostering dynamic student experiences

At Academic Partnerships, we are only successful when our university partners’ students achieve their education goals. Academic Partnerships’ AP HigherEdge® student recruitment and retention model is high-touch and highly responsive to give each individual the informational and relational support they need throughout their student journey. Our cascade of communication begins with initial inquiry and follows through application, enrollment, progression and program completion. We provide:

Academic Partnerships HigherEdge student support

Initial qualification of students

Academic Partnerships HigherEdge admissions assistance

Assistance with application and enrollment processes

Academic Partnerships HigherEdge communications

A structured cadence of multichannel communications

Academic Partnerships HigherEdge university referrals

Referrals to university resources

Academic Partnerships outreach

Outreach to inactive students

Academic Partnerships continuous process

Ongoing support to prompt course-by-course persistence

Academic Partnerships’ Enrollment Services specialists act as a natural and transparent extension of the university and provide prospective students with essential guidance on programs, application and documents requirements, deadlines and enrollment steps. Our Retention Services specialists are expert guides helping to onboard new students, remind students of tuition and enrollment deadlines and serve as ever-supportive success coaches throughout their journey.

The Edge Factor:
The depth and breadth to foster each student’s success

We call our student support services “wraparound” for good reason. Our highly trained specialists blanket students with essential information, critical reminders, and practical tips that encourage their program progress and completion. Our enrollment and retention teams possess the skills and tools necessary to support students at an individualized level far beyond the scope of most universities.

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