Rob Hilliard

Chief Technology Officer

Rob Hilliard is Chief Technology Officer for Academic Partnerships (AP). He leads the technology team that supports partner universities, their students, and AP employees with digital transformation solutions and reliable, secure platforms.

Before joining AP, Rob served as CIO for Walden University and UK Partners at Laureate Education. He previously spent 15 years with Reader’s Digest North America as vice president and chief technology officer and almost a decade at Accenture, where he advised media, financial services, and telecom clients on digital transformation.

Rob understands that learning is a critical component of people living and enjoying life. He believes education is unique in that it has the ability to touch everyone and have a real impact on people’s lives. Rob finds it rewarding to play a part in advancing education and the success of universities and their students.

Rob holds a B.S. in Mathematics from Fairfield University and earned an MBA from Babson College. Rob and his wife have three children, and he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and following sports.

What traits do you admire in a leader?

Transparency, vision, communication, and caring.

Which AP culture pillar resonates most with you and why?

Caring means we want people to live and enjoy their best life. This helps me in all parts of my job – whether that means thinking about what we can do to make it easier for a prospect to become a student, or what a colleague can do to grow to the next level. I love that AP cares about people.

What would you name your autobiography?

“In Progress” – I’m learning everyday how to be a better husband, father, friend, colleague and to enjoy life.