Meet your students where they live.

Learning doesn't have to happen only in the classroom.

A lot of pieces need to come together...

for a university to go global.

Online learning isn't what's next.

It's what's now. 

Establishing virtual campuses within great universities.

Learning doesn't have to happen only in the library.

The future of higher education has arrived.

We'll help you navigate it. 

Start local. Go global.

Online learning makes it possible. 

Your university. Unplugged.

A campus without boundaries creates a future without limits.

Extend your university's reach.

Expand your students' horizons. 

Our Global Reach

Our offices are well positioned to help universities go global.

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About Us

The most rapidly developing trend in higher education is the utilization of technology for the delivery of instruction by universities around the world. Academic Partnerships helps public and private not-for-profit universities in the United States and top international institutions benefit from this global phenomenon.

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Here's a photo of a few @APartnerships team members lending a hand @ntfb yesterday. #APGivesBack
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The @APartnerships team had a great time volunteering at the @ntfb today. Photos to follow. #APGivesBack
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Thanks to all who participated in the Globalization of #HigherEd Conference! Find a recap of day two at #GoGlobalEdu
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It’s our collective responsibility to share the knowledge contained within our institutions w/ the broadest audience possible. #GoGlobalEdu
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