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August 26, 2020


Academic Partnerships Off Campus

AP has created a new comprehensive toolkit called “AP Off Campus,” designed to help your on-campus faculty and instructional designers stand up high quality online equivalency solutions quickly and effectively.

AP Off Campus is free-of-cost for current AP Partners, and is specifically designed to enable equitable access to face-to-face coursework should unforeseen circumstances arise.

Our Solution is Different

This is much more than a list of best practices or links to tools. This is an end-to-end solution that your university can access now to help on-campus faculty develop online equivalency courses.

This robust toolkit includes:

  • Executive discovery conducted by leadership, for leadership.
  • A faculty-facing online course template designed for semester-based coursework including embedded how-to videos, quality review rubrics, and faculty-friendly directive text.
  • A plug-and-play, online student orientation including online learning strategies for students new to remote learning.
  • A comprehensive faculty-facing online teaching orientation course designed to promote best practices for online teaching and learning with detailed course content on preparation, online teaching strategies and learning science; also includes annotated bibliographies and research to support evidence-based practices.
  • A best practices video library covering everything from navigating the LMS and preparation strategies to online classroom management and tips for STEM and the arts.
  • Two one-hour instructional design team train-the-trainer sessions.
  • Three one-hour live hosted instructional design Q&A sessions for faculty.

Introducing…AP Off Campus

A comprehensive toolkit, designed for on-campus faculty to ensure equitable access to face-to-face content, offered for AP partner universities


In addition to your faculty having access to our suite of tools and templates, we are also offering live support.

Our video Q&A sessions are hosted by our world-class instructional design team and will provide your faculty with direct, live support and answers to any additional questions they may have.

Start the development of your online equivalency with structured course templates and evaluate rubrics which are rooted in instructional design best practices and focused on enhancing the user experience for both students and faculty.

Give your students and faculty a consistent user experience that takes the guesswork out of teaching and learning so the focus remains on what’s most important…the course content!

The course template support videos are designed to give on-campus faculty real-time guidance and insight into the online equivalency development process.

Think of it as having an instructional designer over their shoulder, helping to understand what’s needed on each page of the online equivalency template.

Teeing up faculty for success is only part of the preparation. You’ll also need to prepare your students for positive online learning experiences.

This focused student orientation is designed to quickly provide students new to online with tips and tools to be successful in the online modality.

Take AP Off Campus to the next level by diving deeper into the concepts with the Online Teaching Best Practices Course.

This detailed course is full of handy tools, examples, and resources for faculty to be successful at creating an online equivalency course and teaching remotely.

As faculty work to develop online equivalency to their on-campus courses, these videos will explore online best practices at the highest level.

These videos will discuss concepts like preparation strategies, using the LMS and other technologies, facilitation strategies, online classroom management, learning in the online environment, and applying academic standards in a remote setting.

For more information on the AP Off Campus toolkit, email Academic Partnerships.

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