Avila Signs Partnership Expanding Access to Online Graduate and Working Adult Student Undergraduate Programs

June 2, 2022


KANSAS CITY, MO, May 25, 2022 – Yesterday, Avila University signed a partnership with Academic Partnerships (AP), expanding access to the university’s online graduate and adult student undergraduate programs. Avila’s venerable MBA and Master of Arts in Management programs will launch with AP in January 2023, and the University’s 13 fully online undergraduate programs will follow in March.

“Our partnership with AP puts student access to high-quality and affordable higher education and student success at the forefront,” said Avila President-elect Jim Burkee, Ph.D. “We took great care selecting a partner who shares Avila’s mission to students.”

Overwhelmingly, working and adult students require an online program’s convenience and flexibility. But equally important, they deserve an affordable degree that will advance their careers and prepare them to succeed in today’s diverse and dynamic workplace. Avila’s partnership with AP delivers both for students. 

For more than a decade, Academic Partnerships’ success has come from expanding educational access to working adult students. A leading online facilitator, AP is a partner of more than 55 universities, primarily regional public universities. 

“I’ve seen firsthand the incredible impact that education can have on the lives of people and entire communities. At AP, we deliberately choose to partner with universities, like Avila, that offer high-quality, affordable, and workforce-relevant programs online,” – said Fernando Bleichmar, AP’s chief executive officer.

Avila’s history of serving working adult students began 25 years ago when the University offered its first evening and weekend undergraduate degree program. With this new partnership, Avila’s faculty will continue to ensure the academic quality of its programs by driving all aspects of teaching, curriculum, and course content. AP will work collaboratively with faculty to maximize their courses’ educational experience online. 

Beginning in January, students can start one of 13 in-demand online business programs:

  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) Management
  • MBA with a concentration in Accounting
  • MBA with a concentration in Finance
  • MBA with a concentration in Marketing
  • MBA with a concentration in Executive Leadership
  • MBA with a concentration in Project Management
  • MBA with a concentration in Healthcare Administration
  • MBA with a concentration in International Business
  • MBA with a concentration in Strategic Human Resources
  • MA Management with a concentration in Workplace Instructional Design
  • MA Management with a concentration in Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging
  • MA Management with a concentration in Marketing
  • MA Management with a concentration in Change Management

Avila’s online MBA and Management graduate programs emphasize experiential learning with multiple start dates throughout the year. Learning is self-paced to accommodate busy schedules,  with around-the-clock access to asynchronous courses.

About Academic Partnerships

Based in Dallas, Texas, Academic Partnerships is an online facilitator that assists primarily public higher education institutions across North America in taking their academic programs online and recruits and retains qualified students through program completion. AP’s mission is to expand access to top-quality, affordable, and workforce-relevant education, especially for working and adult students. Founded in digital innovation more than a decade ago, Academic Partnerships brings single-minded dedication, an integrated set of services, and data-driven performance to our collaboration with university partners—even more so as we face the challenges brought on by COVID-19. For more information on innovative online learning solutions, please visit www.academicpartnerships.com.

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