The Learner Revolution and Moving Toward an Agile Admissions Process - Part Two of Three

August 20, 2018

White Papers

Academic Partnerships’ White Paper Series

This white paper, the second in a series by Jeffrey J. Selingo, adds to a foundational understanding of the motivations and behaviors of today’s digitally driven learner with an examination of ways to adapt historically rigid admissions processes to online graduate education, enabling new generations of life-long learners.

Key Findings:

  • Universities adapting to the non-traditional learner are beginning to ask if past academic performance measures should be de-emphasized in favor of evaluating master’s candidates on the basis of their professional work.
  • Innovations in agile admissions processes focus on more flexible admissions by program, newly defined success metrics and innovative admission requirements that meet adult learner applicants at their qualification level.
  • Other approaches include revised recruitment activities based on smarter prospective student segmentation, allowing students to “try before they buy,” and creating hybrid degree programs.

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