The Learner Revolution and What it Means for Higher Education - Part Three of Three

August 21, 2018

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Academic Partnerships’ White Paper Series

This third white paper in a series by Jeffrey J. Selingo explains how an evolving job market requires specific skills rather than traditional college degrees. Introducing shorter, specialized programs will facilitate growth in a stagnant industry by encouraging enrollment of non-traditional students who otherwise would not have the time or funds to continue their education.

Key Findings:

  • College leaders must listen to what prospective students want from higher education as workers become more interested in acquiring skills rather than degrees.
  • Bundled curriculum and legacy credentials will undergo a transformation in the next decade due to the increase of students searching for alternatives to rising price tags and time needed to earn a traditional degree.
  • There are three approaches colleges might consider as they build programs to serve the next generation of workers: the university-level certificate, the skinny master’s degree, and the continual learning subscription.
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