Creating virtual campuses within great universities.

The most rapidly developing trend in higher education is the utilization of technology in the delivery of instruction by universities around the world. Academic Partnerships (AP) helps public and private not-for-profit universities in the United States and top international institutions benefit from this global phenomenon.

As technology connects the world and provides unprecedented access to knowledge, progressive institutions are seeking strategies to leverage the vast potential of online learning to make higher education more accessible and affordable. AP is the industry leader in helping universities bring their academic programs online to reach a global audience. Through our offices around the world, we assist institutions with the conversion of their traditional degree programs and certificates into an online format, recruit qualified students, and support enrolled students through graduation. AP’s unique international marketing network greatly expands the reach of our partner institutions and allows them to access outstanding global talent.

We are committed to keeping our partner universities on the cutting edge of new learning technologies and abreast of the rapidly changing expectations of 21st-century students. By tracking the developments that will define institutions' success in the future, we bring our partners the insight and know-how that can assure their growth and success in a highly competitive higher education market.